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October 11, 2005

New Hotel Name: Singing the Praises of Capella

Recently, I noticed that the CEO of West Paces Hotel Group LLC, Horst Schulze, announced the launch of a new top-tier hotel brand called .

This is a hotel chain designed to cater to a new niche of the ultra rich travelers, now being referred to in the industry as the . Jetrosexuals want the very finest in everything, whether it be the Dior pajamas on Air France or a ride in a Porsche out to your jet offered by Lufthansa.

CapellaCapella offers a series of boutique hotels: think small castles and beachfront estates with under a hundred rooms in Ireland and Mexico to begin with; smoking rooms, billiards and spas, and you get the picture. At least one observer has pointed out that Capella's major will be getting around more well-known hotel chains like Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental.

According to corporate PR, the name comes from Capella, Alpha star of the constellation Auriga, the Charioteer. It is a binary star formation, and this is reflected in the double-star logo of the new brand. It is also a lyrical name, associated with different kinds of singing groups, from street corner to sacred .

MazdaCapella The Capella name is also shared with and a mid-sized that Mazda has offered to the Japanese domestic market since 1970.

Auriga Constellation I suppose that a binary star might be a good name for a two-star hotel, of course, and the company info does not mention that the word in ancient Latin means "she-goat". Interestingly, just south of the star is a triangle of smaller, fainter stars called the , who as far as the Capella Hotel group is concerned, are probably not invited!

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Posted by William Lozito at October 11, 2005 11:00 AM
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I'm not at all clear about how "jetrosexuals" differ from "metrosexuals," not to mention "├╝bersexuals"

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