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September 16, 2005

It's a BRAVIA New World

Sony.jpgRecently, in a packed Yankees Stadium, SONY introduced its latest in high definition LCD TV technology with the BRAVIA product line, upgrading with eight new models this October.


Although most likely not evident, the BRAVIA product name is an acronym of Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture. This is not the first time SONY opted for this naming convention; its SAIT (Super Advanced Intelligent Tape) back up system and stylish VAIO (Video Audio Integrated Operation) computers are two other examples.

With BRAVIA, SONY managed to put some zing in that often dull and undifferentiated category of TV names that follow alphanumeric naming conventions of combining the corporate name with model numbers such as the Toshiba 32ZH36 and Philips 25PT4458.

On the other hand, the first hand-held music device--the Walkman--and the Cybershot digital camera demonstrate SONY's creativity and diverse use of naming styles. The company name itself derives from a combination of the Latin sonus "sound" and the energetic and young-sounding phrase sonny boy.

While BRAVIA does not mean anything in English, it is, in Spanish, synonymous with wild and untamed, a positive yet probably unintended reference to the product's target market of sport enthusiasts. Probably also unintended, the brand's initial letter "B" is a plosive that conveys speed and power.

Bravo to SONY for redefining TV both technologically and phonetically!

Posted by Alwynn Gilgen at September 16, 2005 12:36 PM
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Any idea what Sony means when they refer to the Bravia as "The World's First Television for Men and Women"?

Or is the whole idea of that tagline to get people asking what they mean by it?

The product is marketed to women. Sony discovered that the majority of high tech, new slim, pricey TV's were being purchased by men. "Well, lets introduce a television that women will buy? Okay, but lets make sure we don't exclude our male customers."

I don't have any proof that this conversation ever took place, but you get the point. Not too surprisingly, the TV commercials and online ads have vanished. Nowhere on any of the Sony websites could I find the words "Finally, The World's First Television for Men and Women". It appears Sony stopped this one before the campaign got any-worse.

That didn't run in the US, did it?

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