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September 21, 2005

If the Name Fits, Wear It

Over 96% of the world's footwear carries a brand name. Generic shoes, or shoes with boring product codes just don't fit. Why?

Here's a clue: the in the USA is a $40 billion-a-year market, and women pony up more than their share.

sandalThere's no way around it, women are passionate about shoes and this sector's product naming reflects this. They're a constant obsession in pop culture, endlessly talked about and fetishized in television, movies, song lyrics. Most notorious of the shoe-loving pop culture media is the smash HBO series , in which shoes are one of its main themes.


Some of the biggest brands in product naming history come from Nike. Athletic shoes represent 35% of the , Air Jordans are one of the top selling brands ever.

Online shoe retailers offer some luscious browsing for the shoe lover. The names you run across illustrate just how much we match our feelings and personalities with our foot apparel.

  • Bombshelle offers shoe names such as Flutterby, Groovy Tuesday and Lucky Charm
  • Tribeca offers products with the name Heart-N-Soul, Swing Music, Vapor and Save-Me

But wearing good shoes means being more than just sexy

  • DYNY offers us Resolve, Perfect and Grand Slam
  • Charles David offers Bling, Flash and Daunting alongside more cheeky names like Kiss, Frill, Pinch and Frolic

Clark's, on the other hand, offers staid, literary names such as Hemmingway, Eliot, Bronte and Poe.

Place names get big play as well: DKNY offers Sydney, Liverpool, London, Madison and sexy Melrose, illustrating what at least one has told us about female shoe lovers: a woman who loves to buy shoes yearns to travel.

Posted by William Lozito at September 21, 2005 7:00 AM
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