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September 14, 2005

Google This. One "G" Too Many

In an earlier blog on September 2, I reported on the new George Foreman grill, which uses "G5" in the product name. The letter "G" has also been used by Apple to identify its next generation computers, the latest being the G5 series. And, Pontiac introduced the G6 car.

The interest of using "G" in a product name continues, but not without some potential conflicts as reported by CNET. Google is being challenged by German Giersch Ventures who obtained a temporary court order preventing Google from using the "Gmail" name.

Additionally, Independent II Research, is challenging the "Gmail" moniker in the UK and has been using the "G" since May 2002 to represent the Graphiti web-based email product name.

What is it about the appeal of "G" for a product name? Latin constantly confused the "g" and "k" sounds; therefore, Spurius Carvilius Ruga invented the seventh letter of the Roman alphabet (c. 300-230 BCE).

"G" also stands for "money" in vernacular, "government," and the "g-force," which pilots refer to as "G's". It also represents "ground floor" in architecture and "acceleration" when presented in physics equations in lower case.

What product name will want to use the "G" moniker next? Or, should they?

Posted by William Lozito at September 14, 2005 11:43 AM
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G is also something one calls a friend in the hip hop community. I think it's short for OG, which stands for "original gangster".

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