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September 13, 2005

Elexa Gets Intimate With Females


The makers of the Trojan condom, this week introduced a new intimate product line named "Elexa." Targeted exclusively to women, the product line includes a condom, vibrating ring, intimate gel, and refreshing cloths.

Unlike their competitors, Elexa condoms will be sold in the feminine hygiene aisle because market research has found many women, who make up about a third of condom buyers, feel embarrassed to browse where the men traditionally buy condoms.

With its seductive packaging design and the Greek-sounding name, this brand is sure to help Trojan find new users among women who might be turned off my its clearly masculine parent name.

Trojan commands about 65% of the US condom market. Recent campaigns designed to attract female buyers have focused not on "safety," but on "pleasure", with product names like "Ultra Pleasure," "Very Sensitive" and "Ultra Thin." Smart move: in 2002, London International Group, which produces Durex condoms, started naming products "Ultimate feeling," "Ultra comfort" and "High Sensation." This focus on pleasure and comfort, designed to appeal to females, led to a 35% increase in sales to women.

Incidentally, Elexa's etymology derives from the Greek Alexa, and means, "protector of mankind." Good fit, Trojan.

Posted by Diane Prange at September 13, 2005 6:00 AM
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I think the name should be changed. My daughters name is Alexa. I understand that it is spelled different, but it is pronouced the same. There is no other condoms or sex products that share the same name as a person. It bad enough our last name is "Berger". Even though it is spelled different, you can imagine growing up with that name. I can see it now, my child is probably going to be called "condom burger" or "rubber burger". The original device for a man had it's own name"condom". So why not make a original name for the female version?

Change the name! My grandaughter is an Alexa. The family is upset! If you named it Nanci, you would find a whole lot of Nancy's complaining too.

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