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August 27, 2005

Viiv: Intel Branding Brilliance or Naming Nightmare?

Intel Viiv Logo Has Intel picked a winning product name by calling its new media center platform Viiv? Once you know it rhymes with “drive,” it’s easier to say than “TV.” I can see myself saying “Turn up the Viiv” or “Let’s watch some Viiv” or “Just put that CD in the Viiv.” Ease of use is an important element for the name of a product that's intended for every home.

The spelling “Viiv” has a symmetrical choriambic structure. Instead of two short syllables framed by two long syllables, it has two vowels framed by two consonants. The doubled letters also evoke the dual-core processor that powers Viiv™ technology.

Techies are having a great time speculating on the origins of the name Viiv, such as the Roman numerals VI and IV together as an echo of 64-bit architecture. A Roman, however, would write “LXIV” for “64”, as a more erudite poster noted.

But Viiv isn’t aimed at the people who frequent techie forums. Viiv™ technology is for people who aren’t really PC users at all. There’s no reason the consumer electronics market shouldn’t accept “Viiv” as readily as “iPod”.

The game of guessing possible meanings might even be a selling point, making the name ultimately more memorable.

What do you think “Viiv” really means? Are consumers ready to see it become a household name? Click the comment link below and let us know.

Posted by William Lozito at August 27, 2005 10:40 PM
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I think the name is intended to imply vibe, vive (ie, life, vivacity, vivacious), and live. There's also the symmetry of the palindrome that might indicate information moving back and forth, and that may be further stressed by the way the I's look like forward slashes.

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