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Strategic Name Development Assists Wigwam Mills with New Brand Architecture and Product Naming

October 15, 2008 — Minneapolis, MN

Diamond DancerCoincident with the launch of its new packaging design, created by MSLK Graphic Design, Wigwam Mills sought the advice of Strategic Name Development to align their brand architecture, product naming and packaging copy system with their new brand image. Through a six-month consulting engagement, Strategic Name Development partnered with Wigwam to create common naming and nomenclature for a line of 138 sock styles in five competency areas:

  • Sport
  • Snowsport
  • Outdoor
  • Health
  • At Work

“The Wigwam line has been simplified to incorporate all of the brands (Ultimax, INgenius, & Wigwam) under the Wigwam brand,” said Bob Chesebro, President of Wigwam Mills. “We are very excited about how the new brand identity is reinforced with the names and nomenclature created by Strategic Name Development. Their process brought clarity to our reinvigorated product line.”

Prior to release, the new nomenclature was tested extensively with target market consumers across the United States and Canada. The resulting consumer-friendly language is reflected in names like:

  • 'The Big Easy,' a lightweight and extremely relaxed fitting Health series style.
  • 'Diamond Dancer,' a foot-hugging Merino wool style in a timeless argyle pattern.
  • 'Blue Ox,' a fully cushioned heavy-duty blue and white Outdoor sock for the rugged adventurer.
  • 'Snow Whisper Pro,' an ultra light ski sock with superior technologies for maximum control.

“This assignment was particularly challenging because of the breadth of the Wigwam line and the extensive features and technologies behind each and every style. Using our proprietary Name DNA Validation™ methodology, we were able to meld consumer language with technological language to create a brand architecture that resonates where it counts most — with the target market,” said Diane Prange, Chief Linguistics Officer of Strategic Name Development.

About Wigwam Mills

Wigwam recently celebrated 100 years of commitment to a brand that America grew up with. The company sells sport, outdoor and casual socks to sporting goods and specialty stores throughout the United States and Canada. Wigwam Mills also has distribution in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia . All of Wigwam's socks are knit in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.A. — LIFE IS MOVEMENT. For more information about Wigwam visit

About Strategic Name Development

Strategic Name Development, Inc., a brand naming consultancy, has expertise in global product naming, company naming, tagline development, and brand architecture. We utilize our global capabilities while combining linguistics, creativity, and brand name research to build global brand names that are instantly recognizable, memorable, trademarkable, and strategically sound. We augment our naming expertise with our global proprietary Name DNA Validation™ research methodology, which compares name candidates to each other and against our proprietary normative database. For more information on Strategic Name Development visit

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