Naming In The News

Webplan gets new corporate name

May 16, 2005
By Ottawa Business Journal Staff

Ottawa-based Webplan has changed its name to Kinaxis.

The company, which makes software to allow manufacturers to adapt to sudden changes in their production volumes and schedules, says the new name better reflects the value their product offers customers.

The company is "all about response, action and collaboration," says marketing vice president Randy Littleson.

He concedes the old name confused some. He recalls once being asked whether the company designed web sites.

The new name combines "kinetic" and "axis" and conveys the ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances, such as the customer who asks if his weekly order can be doubled.

At the same time, the company announced a new market initiative for manufacturers. Kinaxis says it can now have its main product for manufacturing performance management, RapidResponse, fully functional within five weeks and completely rolled out in 12 weeks. Previously, says Mr. Littleson, it would take an average of 6 to 9 months for a complete product rollout. Kinaxis says it's coming off a year of impressive growth, with an 83 per cent increase in new customers and a 221 per cent increase in revenue from software licensing.

The name change is anticipated to become effective globally by the end of May 2005.