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Strategic Name Development Develops 3 Brand Names for Turning Technologies' Latest Products

Turning Technologies logoMINNEAPOLIS – (July 17, 2007) Strategic Name Development, Inc., a strategic and linguistically focused naming company, recently named three new components and a product suite of Turning Technologies, LLC’s educational and corporate audience response product line.

TestingPoint™, VantagePoint™ and QuestionPoint™, the latest educational tools from Turning Technologies, work together as part of the TouchPoints™ comprehensive K-12 assessment solution that helps students improve their academic performance. Centered around their flagship student response system, TurningPoint® interactive PowerPoint software, the new TouchPoints suite of products will help educators track student comprehension through every point of the learning process.

testing point logo

TestingPoint allows teachers to easily develop, format and administer tests.

Vantage Point logo

VantagePoint, a web-based analytics application for creating different analysis reports or summaries of student performance against state standards and AYP goals, uploads session files from TurningPoint, TestingPoint and paper-based bubble tests.

Question Point logo

QuestionPoint, a question bank powered by LearnStar, provides high-quality content questions, which can be uploaded into TurningPoint and TestingPoint.

"To remain competitive worldwide, educating students has become increasingly important and the tools that Turning Technologies offers enables K-12 schools to meet that objective. Strategic Name Development enjoyed the opportunity and challenge to name three new Turning Technologies suite components," said William Lozito, President of Strategic Name Development.

Turning Technologies selected Strategic Name Development to develop names that were progressive and forward looking, while stressing collaborative learning and teaching. The new complementary components were named to be consistent with the company’s brand architecture and nomenclature. That is, all components of the suite names end in “point,” but still emphasize the versatility and flexibility of a program that offers something for everyone.

"Strategic Name Development was creative, responsive, and provided us with a broad range of strategically sound name candidates. They are very easy and enjoyable to work with," said Tony DeAscentis, Vice President of Marketing at Turning Technologies.

TestingPoint, VantagePoint and QuestionPoint provide students, teachers, parents and administrators with interactive teaching devices and tools. Integrated with Turning Technologies’ other offerings, these tools allow teachers to immediately generate data and focus on students’ individual needs while giving students peace of mind that they can answer a question discretely.

About Strategic Name Development, Inc.

Strategic Name Development, Inc. partners with companies to develop product names, company names, taglines and conduct brand name research. The naming company combines the three forces of linguistics, creativity and target market research to build brand names that are instantly recognizable, memorable and strategically sound. Utilizing its proprietary Name DNA Validation™ methodology the company is able to measure emotional boding power, memorability, latent association, fit to concept, pronunciation and sound symbolism. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Strategic Name Development has worked with clients from top companies around the globe. For more information about Strategic Name Development, visit