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SAVVIS: New Life = New Name

May 24, 2005

SAVVIS Communications Corp. says it changed its name to SAVVIS Inc., essentially reflecting the company's transition from being solely a telecom operator and applications carrier to what it describes as an IT solutions and utility services provider. "The change reflects the company's expansion from a network services company to a global IT services company serving over 5,000 enterprise customers," it said in a statement.

Competing against the likes of IBM, EDS and AT&T, SAVVIS operates in about 47 countries with a portfolio of hosting, network and apps services; and 24 data centers. Segments of the business were expanded via several acquisitions, including Intel's hosting services business in 2003 and Cable & Wireless America's Tier 1 IP network assets in 2004.

"SAVVIS has become a major force in the industry," says Melanie Posey, research director at IDC. "By integrating its global IT infrastructure, unique software management platform, and experience in hosting mission-critical and real-time applications, SAVVIS has evolved into a hybrid service provider able to deliver hardware technologies as managed services."

Rob McCormick, CEO and chairman of SAVVIS, says the company "is radically different" than it was in its past life. "The CIOs of companies we work with today want to free up budget dollars and skilled resources so that IT can be used to drive the business strategy," he adds, regarding its prime marketplace. "They want to stop worrying about complex server farms, huge storage arrays and miles of network cables, and [they want to] focus on the applications that run their business."