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Naming Company Creates New Slogan for South Korean Medical Innovator

Strategic Name Development Unveils "See It All" Slogan for the Medison Company

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., September 22, 2005 – Continuing its legacy of helping organizations establish unique identities in the consumer marketplace, Strategic Name Development, Inc. — a brand name consultancy that develops names and conducts brand name research for many of the world's Fortune 500 companies — has fashioned a new slogan for the Medison Company of South Korea, a leading manufacturer of ultrasound diagnostic scanners for the medical community. The slogan, "See It All," was unveiled along with a fresh logo design that celebrates Medison's 20th anniversary and its corporate focus on caring for life through technology.

"Since Medison does business all over the world, we needed to create a slogan that was instantly recognizable and resonated with many different cultures and languages," says William Lozito, President of Strategic Name Development. According to Lozito, "See It All" expresses Medison's technical excellence from the vantage point of employees, investors, patients and the world community. Medison's employees "See It All" in the company's vision and passion for innovation; investors "See It All" in the company's performance and growth; patients "See It All" thanks to innovative ultrasound product clarity and, finally, the world community can "See It All" in the company's commitment to creating technology for a better tomorrow.

The new "See It All" slogan can be seen on the Medison Company website at "Medison is a top client and a powerhouse in the medical industry," Lozito says. "Strategic Name Development is very proud to partner with Medison in developing its new company slogan, 'See It All.'"

Medison was founded in 1985 by scientists from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and is considered the most successful venture firm in the Korean medical industry. With 150 dealers worldwide, Medison's global sales network spans more than 50 countries including the United States, The Netherlands, Germany, China, Japan, Brazil, India and Russia. Medison's accomplishments have brought the company widespread recognition within the industry, including prestigious awards from Frost & Sullivan healthcare consultants, the Honors Prize at the 2004 Electronic Industry Export Awards, the Presidential Citation for Productivity Improvement and the Erich Saling Diploma at the World Congress of Perinatal Medicine.

Strategic Name Development, Inc., conducts name development and brand name research for some of the most trusted companies in the world, including Medison, American Express, Campbell's, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sprint, Bosch, Quaker Oats, Pernod Ricard, Canon and GE. By combining the three forces of name development — linguistics, creativity and target-market research – Strategic Name Development builds product and service identities that are instantly recognizable, memorable and linguistically sound. The company's unique roster of development talent was trained at prestigious institutions like Princeton, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale and Johns Hopkins Universities. Strategic Name Development utilizes its proprietary Name DNA Validation™ technique to pinpoint the brand names that best fit the client's overall vision, are easily pronounceable, and are durable over the years.

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