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Consonants Are Key To Brand Naming

Stagnito's New Products Magazine

A new study on brand naming indicates certain consonants have meaningful associations in consumers’ minds, according to Strategic Name Development, Minneapolis. The company surveyed 414 U.S. consumers to find out what consonants represent in their minds. The results fell into the following categories: Classic versus innovative; simple versus complex; and masculine versus feminine.

When cross-referenced with 1,000 top advertised brands, the company found that "classic" names began with classic consonants, including B, C and S — as in Budweiser, Coca-Cola and Sears. B and C were also perceived as less complex (Bounty or Cheerios). X was considered innovative and masculine (Xbox); L and V were rated more feminine (L'Oreal, Victoria's Secret). Q was considered innovative (Quicken), but that could also be because it's one of the least used letters in the alphabet. "This recent research on specific letters of the alphabet provides knowledge and insights as to why some names have greater target market acceptance than others," Bill Lozito, co-founder and president of Strategic Name Development, said in a release.

Strategic Name Development also broke down recent consumer findings into 11 industry reports, which include food and restaurants.