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Solstice Medicine Company's New Ice Taps Product Name Created by Strategic Name Development

February 27, 2007 – Minneapolis, MN – Solstice Medicine Company's Ice Taps® unique powdered sore throat medicine was named by Strategic Name Development, Inc., a brand name consultancy that develops product names, company names, taglines, and conducts brand name research with its proprietary Name DNA Validation™ methodology.

Ice TapsThe Ice Taps® product comes in boxes of twelve single-serve packets and provides a new competitor for more traditional throat lozenges and sprays. The packaging was developed by R.BIRD & Company, Inc. The powdered cough and cold medicine, which can be taken straight from the package, goes a step beyond pain relief to promote wellness with the herbal ingredient Echinacea.

The Ice Taps® product name that Strategic Name Development created for Solstice Medicine Company is simple, descriptive and refreshing. Ice Taps® connotes the experience of using the product while employing very natural language and only two short syllables.

"Ice Taps® is not only a new product in the cough/cold category, but it represents Solstice Medicine Company being introduced to U.S. consumers and retailers. With Ice Taps®, Solstice Medicine Company will establish itself as a proficient vendor. We are very pleased with the name development expertise provided by Strategic Name Development," said Douglas Momii, National Sales Manager, Solstice Medicine Company.

William Lozito, president of Strategic Name Development said, "We're thrilled with the outcome of a collaborative naming process that resulted in a brand name that met Solstice's marketing objectives."

The Ice Taps® product has been marketed in Japan under the brand name Clara since 1964, and is the number one medicine in its category. Packaged in Japan, Solstice Medicine Company now markets Ice Taps® in the United States market, opening up a new opportunity for sore throat relief.

About Solstice Medicine Company

Solstice Medicine Company has, over the course of two decades, achieved ranking as one of the most powerful Chinese-American pharmaceutical enterprises in the country. The company prides itself on its enterprising spirit, strategic planning, and intelligent operation.

Solstice Medicine Company is known for its customer satisfaction and the reasonable pricing of its wide array of pharmaceutical products. It continually strives to pursue good reputation, quality and service by abiding by the highest medical and business ethics, buying and selling only merchandise with G.M.P. accreditation and FDA approval.

About Strategic Name Development, Inc.

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