Naming In The News

I-Play's new name draws fire

April 13, 2005

Mobile game developer accused of infringement by PlayStation 2 developer Play It.

Less than a week after Digital Bridges changed its name to I-Play, the mobile-game publisher has come under fire from European game publisher Play It. The latter company accuses I-Play of infringing on a number of branding aspects related to Play It and its logo. Despite the public charges, there is no legal action currently pending.

Play It is reportedly concerned about the fact that the I-Play logo features a red ball emblazoned with the company name. Play It's logo also features a red ball, which appears at the beginning of all of its games. Play It, which was founded in 2001, is the publisher of such PlayStation 2 games as Seek and Destroy, Cel Damage Overdrive, and Play It Pinball.

Another point of contention for Play It is that I-Play's Web site features the slogan "You name it, I-Play it," the phrasing of which seemingly includes the names of both companies.

I-Play refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing, and CEO Brian Greasley told GameSpot that "whilst we believe it is inappropriate to comment about legal matters in this forum, we feel that we must make clear that we have been advised by our lawyers that we are not in any way infringing the rights of Play-It and that we will be vigorously defending any claim that is brought."

I-Play is based in London and is the publisher of mobile games Metal Slug Mobile, The Fast and the Furious, and Jewel Quest.