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New Victrex PEEK Film Technology APTIV Product Name Created by Strategic Name Development

May 23, 2007 – Minneapolis, MN – (Business Wire) – Victrex APTIV™ film, made with VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer, from Victrex plc, headquartered in Thornton Cleveleys, UK, was named by Strategic Name Development, a naming company that develops product names, company names, taglines and conducts brand name research.

Victrex logoVictrex APTIV film provides all of the properties of VICTREX PEEK polymer in a flexible film format. APTIV film is a technology enabler for processors, designers and end users providing a high performance solution to facilitate meeting demands for reduced systems cost and improved product performance, including durability, reliability, miniaturization, and increased functionality. APTIV film is produced by Victrex in one of the most technologically advanced film extrusion facilities in the world. Dedicated to the production of APTIV film, and part of Victrex’s fully integrated supply chain for VICTREX PEEK polymer.

APTIV film is already being specified in many market sectors, from electronics and aerospace, to wire & cable insulation, and in semiconductor and automotive applications. APTIV film offers a unique combination of properties, including: high temperature capability; excellent chemical resistance; exceptional durability and scratch resistance; outstanding radiation resistance, superior mechanical properties, excellent barrier and electrical properties, all combined with the ease of processing inherent in a thermoplastic material. It provides an unrivaled material solution for engineers and designers for use in high performance applications.

Aptiv logo"APTIV film is an innovative technology bringing the performance of VICTREX PEEK polymer to many exciting new applications," said John Getz, Global Commercial Leader, APTIV film, Victrex. "It was a great experience working with Strategic Name Development; the end result is a product name that communicates the product’s key benefits, versatility and high performance."

"It was exciting and enjoyable to work with the Victrex team on naming its new VICTREX PEEK film technology," said William Lozito, President of Strategic Name Development. "The name, APTIV, is short, sentient, and conveys a strong aptitude for both endurance and adaptability."

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About Victrex

Victrex plc is the leading manufacturer of high performance materials, including VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer, VICOTE® Coatings and APTIV™ film. These materials are used in a variety of markets and offer an exceptional combination of properties to help processors and end users reach new levels of cost savings, quality, and performance.

The company is headquartered in the UK. Invibio®, Victrex’s biomaterials business, provides access to specialized products and services for medical device manufacturers. Victrex Japan, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Victrex plc. For more information visit or

VICTREX® is a registered trademark of Victrex Manufacturing Limited. PEEK™, PEEK-HT™ and APTIV™ are trademarks of Victrex plc. VICOTE® is a registered trademark of Victrex plc.

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